Uncover wrong dependencies in applications

Analyze your code as well as third party modules, discover all dependencies and catch their errors.


What we do

We offer a solution for those with the desire for a better software. It works automatically, suits for in-house as well as third party modules, reduces effort invested into integration testing and helps our customers to reduce the number of bugs in their projects.

We scan software, discover problematic parts, predict their impact and our experts may suggest the best solution.
We provide tools that are embeddable to project life-cycle, work automatically and improve quality of your deliverables.
We can seamlessly integrate with other tools like Maven or Jenkins and we may provide a plugin tailored to your needs.

75% of applications contain static errors and 51% of developers are unfamiliar with existence of the problem

Broken promises - An Emprical Study into Evaluation Problems in Java Programs caused by Library Upgrades, Jens Dietrich & Kamil Jezek