Reduce number of bugs

Some detail aspects of programming are unknown even for experienced developers. This way, bugs that developers cannot predict may remain in applications for a long time. We implement specifications and thus cannot miss a bug.


Get sort out of JAR hell

A new version of a backward incompatible library is released. This causes a bug when this library is used without proper testing. We may verify usage of the library in an application as well as compare backward compatibility of the library with its predecessor.


Available for anyone

Big companies as well as single developers may benefit from the solution. It is worth trying by: software house, quality assurance department, developer, or anyone with the desire for quality software.


Analyze 100% of API automatically

It is difficult to cover all application configurations with standard testing. Sometimes a bug may appear only for certain configurations and leak as testing and target environments differ. We verify all code and all configurations.


Friendly with others

VerifaLabs is so far unique on the market, but related tools exist and may be used in conjunction:

  • Junit allows you to write and invoke unit or integration tests, VerifaLabs does not require to write tests, it is just invoked
  • Sonar, Jenkins  are powerful dashboards that let you invoke your integration tests, VerifaLabs may be integrated and invoked as part of integration tests.
  • PMD, Checkstyle analyze source-code to prevent some of the static errors, VerifaLabs works with binaries and thus fits also for legacy and third-party libraries
  • Clirr or Bnd check backward compatibility only.